Can retail ever be sustainable enough?

For years sustainability remained a significant if not fundamental item on retailers’ to-do list. But recently, that has changed.

Now, sustainability is a front-end as well as a back-end consideration. Some newer brands are succeeding simply because of their sustainability credentials. Others, meanwhile, are haemorrhaging customers because of a lack of them. From investors right through to customers, sustainability now influences everything that happens in retail.

This whitepaper examines exactly what’s changed, what the most sustainable retailers are doing, and what the future holds. In doing so, it tentatively gazes into the future by considering what really makes a difference when it comes to retail sustainability.



Topics include;

  • Retail's carbon footprint
  • The conscious consumer
  • What customers want from retailers
  • The biggest trends in retail sustainability
  • The potential impact of coronavirus on retail sustainability
  • Why new business models will replace one-off innovations