Strategic advisory - digital marketplaces

Marketplaces are the future of e-commerce. How is your company going to tackle it? What does your marketplace strategy look like? Does it exist, or are your merely awaiting the big bad wolf to come?  Is your strategy defensive, i.e. you are trying to fight the negative effects of customers  migrating from physical stores and traditional e-commerce to marketplaces? Or do you have your own brands that easily could be sold in an additional channel? What marketplaces would suit your products best and what do you need to do before you start selling there? Is your company a frontrunner in your industry, to the extent that you could actually establish your own marketplace?  

To us at Avensia, marketplaces is a natural development of e-commerce . We have helped companies start selling on both big and small marketplaces, and establish customer-unique marketplaces. 

If you don't have a vision or a strategy in place, we can quickly help you gain the knowledge you need and the structure to be able to use marketplaces to optimize your business, short term and long term. 

What does the service offer entail? 

To be able to help your company and create a strategy for marketplaces, we need to understand who you are, your needs and what preconditions we have to work with. If the strategy work is done and you need help to execute the plans, we can start there, and if you want to know more about how marketplaces could benefit your business, we can help you with that. The goal is to provide you with value directly.


Overall analysis and strategy:

  • The effects of marketplaces on the power balance in the supply chain in your industry
  • Defensive strategy – How to decrease the negative effects of marketplaces
  • Offensive strategy - Products/categories/brands that could be well suited for marketplace sales.
  • Offensive strategy - Relevant marketplaces for above products/categories/brands
  • Aggressive strategy - Preconditions and assets to create a marketplace for your industry or specific categories
  • Creation of roadmaps to start selling on marketplaces or create your own marketplace. 

Operational work and execution:  

  • Establish internal preconditions such as organisation, knowledge and systems to cater for efficient and profitable sales processes for marketplaces.
  • Negotiations of agreements and dialogue with relevant marketplaces.
  • Training of staff training, establish routines and processes, profitability analysis.
  • Launch on marketplaces and continuous optimization.

    We can also tailor analyses and recommendations specifically for your unique company and your needs. 

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