Website overview

Today, the website is the most important display for a company. Digital commerce is constantly growing and evolving in terms of technology, functionality and content. Complexity is increasing as well as customers’ expectations on a smooth buyer’s journey. With slim organizations, it is a challenge for companies to genuinely evaluate their websites both from a business perspective and with the customer’s critical eyes.
We help you evaluate your website using our expertise, with the goal of giving you a complete and objective analysis, and to give you strategic and substantial advice on how to increase conversion and improve the experience for your customers.

This service offer includes:

• An overview of central functions in a customer journey; e.g. menu, filter, search, relevance engine, My pages, customer service, shopping cart and checkout
• An analysis of primary web page; e.g. home page, category page, landing page and product page
• Keyword optimization / search engine optimized texts
• Performance tests
• A well-documented analysis of the current status of the website, with conclusions and recommendations for areas that need to be improved
• A structured plan for the next steps of your CX & Loyalty development work

We can also adapt our offer according to the specific needs and preconditions of your company.