E-com mystery shopping

It’s not all about technology, performance and flashy features on the site. It is crucial to understand the customers’ perception of a shopping experience on your site. For an optimal experience, all interaction points, from product cards, relevance and customer service, to packaging, delivery and receipt, should be flawless and coherent.

In order to analyze the customer journey from a customer perspective, and to be able to highlight certain areas of it, we go Mystery shopping in your e-commerce. The goal is to give you an objective view of your overall ability to deliver in the area of CX & Loyalty, and to give you strategic and substantial advice on how to improve the experience for your customers.

This service offer includes:

• A visual compilation of interaction points
• Mystery shopping including the complete customer journey
• Benchmark against competitors
• A well-documented analysis of the current customer journey, with conclusions and
recommendations for areas that need to be improved
• A structured plan for the next steps of your CX & Loyalty development work
We can also adapt our offer according to the specific needs and preconditions of your company.