Customer experience & Loyalty

We live in a world with global availability of products and services. A massive oversupply prevails and companies’ positions and market shares are challenged. Tough competition, constant changes, new behaviors in consumption and digitalization are catalysts
for the radical shift of the retail market. Product and price are no longer the main competitive strength to win the customer. Customer experience is the new brand! Companies that don ́t continuously develop their customer offer in a customer-centric way will lose.

Great customer experience creates loyalty

There are no shortcuts to loyal customers. It’s about doing the job genuinely and insight driven - at all levels, all the way, all the time. Customer experience is key to customer loyalty.
We call it Customer Centric Commerce. Avensia's commerce advisors can help your company achieve increased competitiveness and more satisfied customers.
In order to give the best guidance to your company regarding the customer experience and how you work with loyalty, we need to understand your current situation. In a Discovery workshop with you, we gather insights about your organization, your challenges, your future ambitions and your customers’ expectations.

With the information we get from the workshop, we can provide you with:

• Conclusions about the current situation, your strategic goals and a GAP analysis
• Mapping of your ability to deliver on Customer Centric Commerce
• Overall roadmap for the business as a whole and for digital development
• Strategic recommendations to ensure successful delivery and implementation
• A plan and structured way forward in the change process
We can also adapt our offer according to the specific needs and preconditions of your company.