Customer experience & Loyalty review

A balance between creating business value and delivering real customer benefit - find
your SWOT spot.
All companies need to develop and strengthen their relationship with their existing customers, even if they already have a loyalty concept or another form of incentive program. If you don ́t take care of your customers, someone else will. As independent experts in the field of CX and Loyalty, we help you measure commitment and profitability, qualitative and quantitative, on your customer platform, customer offer and delivery capability. The goal is to summarize conclusions, propose measures for improvement and to define requirements for your continuous work to strengthen your customer relations.

This service offer includes:

• Analysis of profitability of your customer platform – e.g. segments, growth, migration
• Overview of your offer to your customers – communication, commercial strength and efficiency
• Qualitative SWOT analysis of your delivery capacity
• Benchmarking against competitors
• Recommendations for continued improvement measures to gain increased customer loyalty
• Strategic recommendations to ensure successful delivery and implementation
• A structured plan for the next step of your development in the field of CX and Loyalty