Customer surveys

What are your company ́s challenges? Which commercial focus areas are in focus? What distinguishes you from your competitors? By getting the knowledge and insight of what your customers think and actually do, you create an increased knowledge of their needs, expectations and can ensure the necessary decisions for your strategical and tactical development.
We do various types of customer surveys, for example:
• Brand performance, attitudes and preferences
• Buying behavior
• Areas of specialization, e.g. customer service, communication, loyalty club
• Crowdsourcing for testing of commercial concepts, customer offers or customer experience
• Ongoing customer surveys continuously to create various customer satisfaction KPIs
The service offer includes:
• Inventory of needs, planning and goals
• Development of methodology
• Composition of questionnaires
• Setup of forms and configuration
• Development of target groups and distribution
• Analysis, conclusions and recommendations
We can also adapt our offer according to the specific needs and preconditions of your company.