The customer journey

The customer journey is a visualization of the customer’s interactions with you, on a timeline. It is a powerful tool that describes the customer’s needs, behavior, driving forces, expectations and problems during different phases. By mapping a customer’s journey through various processes, such as completing a purchase or joining a loyalty program, we increase our understanding for the customer and can create a roadmap for your company, to improve, develop and optimize certain areas.
Based on your current situation, conditions and needs, we help you visualize complete and tangible omni-channel customer journeys. With the customer journeys specified, we can use them as holistic goals for our work, and create requirements for different components, like primary channels, communication flows, interaction points and the customer experience you would like to create.

This service offer includes:

• An inventory of your needs, followed by a plan forward
according to your goals
• Summary of the scope of our assignment, based on customer
insights, key figures, information and activities that form the
basis of customer journey, e.g. through customer survey, data
analysis, interviews with stakeholders
• A mapping of the customer journey presented as a flowchart
with situations, activities, problem areas and development
• Description of the customer journey through storytelling
- a pragmatic and in-depth understanding of the customers’
interactions with your company
• Analysis, conclusions and recommendations for the future,
according to the customer journeys we have specified together.
We can also adapt our offer according to the specific needs and preconditions of your company.