With the right combination of tools, skills and the right processes in place, you can turn complexity into simplicity. But which system is the best match for your company?


What PIM system should we buy?

Digital transformation never ends, and customers’ expectations are always changing.
To chose a PIM-platform is a long-term, strategic and difficult decision. You will probably work with your PIM-system for a long time, and your company and your processes will change with the system over time. The market for PIM-systems is fragmented and the development is faster than ever. So how should you chose between the 30 systems that are available on the market today? A traditional German on-premise or an American cloud native start-up? A pure PIM-system or a potent MDM-system? Avensia's advisors are up-to-date with the latest technology and will be able to guide you through the market. As independent advisors we can help you evaluate PIM systems based on your preconditions, needs and requirements. 


Deliverables - PIM system evaluation:

The goal and the aim of the evaluation is to help you make the right choice when investing in a PIM system,  based on your company's long term strategy. 

  •  After interviews and work meetings we will be able to translate your needs and preconditions into a set of requirements for a PIM system.
  • A short description of the current PIM market and a shortlist of 10-15 systems that could be right for your company
  • A shortlist narrowed down to two or three of the most relevant candidates for your operarations and your needs
  • A recommendation of the PIM-system we think is the right choice for you​