How composable commerce can support your 2021 business goals

Composable commerce, headless commerce, API driven and micro-services - you have heard the buzzwords. In this session you will learn what it all means and how can you use the technology to realize your business ambitions for 2021. We will also put the tech into context and learn more about the headless solution everybody talks about, commercetools.

In this webinar we will be joined by Kelly Goetsch, CPO at commercetools, and Anders Ekdahl, CTO at Avensia, who will give us a practical understanding of the business benefits of a composable commerce platform.

Aired: December 9


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Key takeaways:

  •  A better understanding about what composable commerce is and how it ties into a strategy for business growth.
  • An overview of the commercetools platform
  • How Avensia have added value to the platform 
  • Examples of user stories/cases
  • What to consider before you embark on a composable commerce journey
    – or try to sell this to your C-suite.